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Paper Io 4
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Paper Io 4

Paper Io 4 is the latest edition of the popular multiplayer game which is dedicated to survival and expansion. If you have already played the previous versions of the game, you might know that the game is rather interesting because here you play against real players all around the world that fight against each other for territory. The gameplay is simple - you start the game with a small territory and have to expand it by adding a small pieces to it. All players have different colors so you can easily notice if the territory is free or conquered by other players. Adding free territory is safe because other players won't risk to attack you but when you attack your neighbours, there is some chance to be caught and killed. The best strategy for Paper Io 4 is not to be greed - you must add small pieces of new territory and make it look more safe - don't make big angles because enemy can easily cut a big territory. There are no levels in this game - it is a constant battle for the leadership on the leaderboard. Every time you conquer new territory, the percentage of your own becomes bigger and you move higher on the leaderboard. Check out more gaming information below and enjoy the full version of Paper io 4 for free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Play Paper io 4?

The gameplay is pretty simple - you move the box with arrow buttons and have to join new parts to your territory. The biggest your territory is - the higher is your place on leaderboard. New players will appear near you so be very careful when adding new territory - make it without hurry because greed can be dangerous in this game.

What Are The Best Winning Strategies?

-Before attacking your enemy, look for his weak points. -Capture new space but be careful - it is better to make it quickly but conservatively. -Know your neighbours - the bigger your neighbour is the more dangerous it can become for you.

Main Features Of The Game?

A colorful and lovely graphics which all enjoy.
Several game modes.
Ability to change the look of your character.
A smooth gameplay with real players all around the world.

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